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Yellow Jackets

All wasps protect their nests but yellow jackets are one of the most aggressive.

Yellow jackets are wasps that are known for their yellow and black stripes. You can tell them apart from bees by their thin waists. They are mainly active during the summer and the fall.

They feed on other insects like ants and waste food from people. Yellow jackets build spherical aerial and underground nests that can grow to the size of a basketball or larger. The aerial nests can be found in a number of places like garages, sheds, trees and shrubs.

Problems usually arise when people try to remove nests or disturb the yellow jackets in anyway. In such cases the yellow jackets can deliver very painful stings. The stings may cause intense sensations to substantial swelling and tenderness, some itching, or life-threatening allergic responses.

So it is best to CONTACT US at KenMore to help rid the premises of all determined nesting points.