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TicksĀ are hardworking parasites going all year round non-stop but they are particularly active during the summer.

There are several species of ticks and every species has its preferred hosts but that does not stop a tick from feeding on any available host.

Ticks do not have preference to habit locations and generally stay anywhere their preferred host resides as far as there is enough moisture. Ticks are blood feeders and are known to contain harmful fluids that they transmit to their hosts while feeding.

Most tick infestations are discovered by seeing the ticks or by having symptoms from tick related diseases. It is best to consult a doctor to verify that any symptoms are indeed signs of a tick related disease.

TICKS and FLEAS are very different.

To start of ticks are arachnids while fleas are insects. Treatments for tick and flea infestations are very different as well so it is best to call in a pest control agency to assess the situation.