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Wild Life And Animal Control

Wildlife is attractive and alluring… but never judge a book by its cover!

Wild animals are bound to cause havoc on your property. Animals like foxes, raccoons and snakes have invaded residential and commercial properties, incurring damage worth thousands of dollars and endangering lives. And we all know how much we would like to avoid such a circumstance.

So if you are in such a situation or have the slightest feeling that your property is on the verge of being invaded…


You can be rest assured that at KenMORE we employ the most efficient and environmentally friendly techniques. Our methods ensure that the client is giving the level of control they want over their property.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is becoming an increasingly more popular alternative to chemical treatment. One of the major reasons is the increasing ineffectiveness of chemical treatment on certain pests like bed bugs.


  • It is more property friendly – As opposed to chemical treatment, heat treatment does not damage property. So wherever the nesting site of the pest is, you can be sure that KenMore technicians can effectively attack the situation without. No hold backs. No fear of damaging property.

  • It has no limitation to space – Through the expertise of KenMore technicians, the use of heat treatment can be confined to a single room or employed on the whole building. So whether it’s a whole office complex or a warehouse, or it’s a small room at home, the heat treatment maintains its effectiveness at eradicating the desired pest.

  • It is faster – With heat treatment you are assured of same-day eradication as the process only takes a few hours. And this is extremely important because at KenMore we value our clients’ satisfaction and convenience.

  • It kills all levels of the pest – Heat treatment not only attacks the adult form of the pest, but everything down to the eggs. So with heat treatment you are assured that any infestation is certainly a thing of the past.


  • Moths

  • Cockroaches

  • Woodworms

  • Fleas

  • Bed Bugs



The heat eradicates pests by denaturing enzymes within their bodies, causing them the inability to digest food, and damaging the waxy layers on the outside of the insect, causing dehydration.

Heat treatment could either be done using a propane source, which entails the use of pipes to duct the heat from outside to inside. Or an electric source could be used which allows the procedure to be taken place only inside. The temperature starts around 75°F to the target temperature of 140°F.

The time used to complete the procedure depends on factors such as the size of the treated area, building materials used and degree of infestation; but it generally takes less than 8 hours to complete.

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Guarantee On ALL Our Work!

Whether it’s our One Time Service or our Contract Plans.

We might as well not add it to the service because here at KenMore we can GUARANTEE you that you would never be given a reason to use it.

Nevertheless, KenMORE is always striving to provide the easiest and most comfortable service for our clients. So you can be rest assured that when you invest in KenMore you would always either get the value and quality you deserve or your money back.

Termite Inspection & Treatment

If you are noticing signs of TERMITE infestation, CONTACT US At KenMORE immediately!

We offer several solutions to Termite infestations

  • Soil Treatment

  • Bait and Monitoring Treatment

  • Liquid Treatment

Once an inspection is done our technicians would be best suited to proffer you a solution that would best suit your property and your needs.

But don’t wait for the signs!

Termite colonies can go years living in an environment without showing any obvious signs. And even if you do not currently have an infestation, they always say Prevention is better than Cure.

So CALL IN NOW and get an inspection booked. Whether it’s home or office our technicians would:

  • Assess the property

  • Seal and Cover cracks, cervices and vents that can allow termites gain entry

  • Fix any moister level in the floors and walls and any other thing that promote an infestation.

We do all this to give You Convenience, Comfort and save you from having to SPEND MONEY on damages and treatments that could be avoided.

General Pest Control and Request Service

We are arguably the best existing company in our field of work due to the continuous satisfaction of our customers which makes them always come back.

We carry out three steps, which are:

  • Assessing – We inspect the property or area which we are given by the customer. Afterwards, we draw out our plan and decide on the necessary actions to be carried out in order to eradicate the pests or prevent an invasion.
  • Implementation – This is when the real action takes place. We carry out our plans to perfection ensuring your safety and protection against unwanted creatures.
  • Monitoring – This is a very essential stage because it entails regular inspection of the given area after our actions have been carried out.

We also offer two types of service plans:

Firstly the One-Time service plan which as the name implies, involves us committing to just one particular task. Afterwards, we would not be rendering any services to you until a new service plan is subscribed for. Secondly there is the Contract service plan.

We usually encourage clients to opt for the Contract service plan as it has the following advantages over the One-Time service plan:

  1. We assess the property looking for all and any possible type of infestation, unlike the One-Time service plan where we come to address the complaint presented by the client. Therefore through your preliminary inspection our technicians can detect any problem currently happening in the property. And we will take necessary preventive measures to ensure infestations of all kinds do not occur
  2. It is a one off payment. This means that once you get a service plan from KenMore the state of your property pest-wise is our sole responsibility throughout the duration of the contract.
  3. We conduct regular inspections to ensure that no new developments have begun on your property. This ensures that the clients comfort is maintained and all pest related problems such as property damage and disease spreading are put in check.
  4. And lastly, all our Contract service plan customers are given priority. They can call on us at any time with their complaints and an inspection would be scheduled at the nearest convenient time.

So CONTACT US today if you are seeing signs of infestation or wish to learn more about our service plans. 

  • All year round- we would be at your service 365 days of the year and responsible for the area assigned to us.

  • Bi-monthly – This involves us being at your service for two months and responsible for the safety of the property or area assigned to us for the being.

  • Monthly – This involves us being responsible for the area assigned to us for a month after which renewal of subscription must occur for us to continue rendering our services.


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