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Gnats typically are small and long-legged insects.

Gnat is a general name for many tiny, winged insects. Some commonly know gnats include ‘Fungus Gnats’, ‘Fruit Flies’, and ‘Black Flies’. Depending on the species, gnats can either feed on blood, other insects or plants. Some gnats carry disease like the Black Fly carries River Blindness.

You would usually notice gnat activity by observing the adults flying around.


Gnat management methods vary on type of gnat it is but some general precautions include:

  • Ensuring that there is no still water around

  • Ensuring proper disposal of all waste

The use of swatters, pesticides and electric fly exploders only attack the adult specimen. The best course of action is to consult a Pest Control Service. There they can properly assess the situation and proffer a solution that would best suit your needs.

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