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Just to be clear, earwigs don’t burrow into your ears while you’re asleep.

Earwigs are one of the most interesting insects in the world, but there isn’t enough information about them. And with so many myths surrounding the creature, it is hard to know what is true and what isn’t. But at Kenmore we have all the necessary facts and information to provide you with quality services on eradicating earwig infestations.

The most common sign of infestation is sightings.

Earwigs are usually between 5-25mm with pincers protruding from their abdomen. They have two pairs of slender wings.

Typical indoor hiding places are under rugs or potted plants, in stacks of newspapers, and similar locations. Outdoors, they commonly are found under rocks or stacked wood, in ear tips of sweet corn, and under various kinds of debris. The most common complaint against the earwig is its mere presence in homes and apartments.

Management of earwigs requires an integrated program that takes advantage of their habitat preferences. Earwigs may seek refuge indoors when conditions outside are too dry or hot or cold. Large accumulations of earwigs can be annoying but present no health hazards.